Mission Statement

To promote religious tolerance, interfaith dialogue, and education about religions of the world as a pathway to world peace.

LA Interfaith Solidarity March 4/2/17 #InterfaithMarchLA


The full-length video covering the event can be found by clicking here! And for the Highlights video click here!

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Dr. Arik Greenberg asks, “Will you march for peace?” (click to view video)

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“Worthless is the religious devotion that

causes people to be crushed against their will.”

— St Crispina, African Christian martyr,

beheaded Dec. 5, 304 CE.

The Institute for Religious Tolerance, Peace and Justice was founded to promote religious tolerance, coexistence, and interfaith dialogue. By promoting interfaith dialogue and universal respect for different faiths, we seek to minimize the conflicts that are shaped by religion and that employ religion as their excuse. We seek to disarm the religious intolerance that is often the cause and underlying root of oppression and warfare.

Through a variety of innovative methods, we seek to educate and excite the general public about the diversity of religious beliefs found worldwide. The goal of our educational efforts is to combat religious oppression, intolerance and violence by highlighting the commonalities shared by all peoples as a stepping stone to the peacemaking process. By tackling religious intolerance as the root problem of many of our modern difficulties, we will be better able to handle them.

We seek to have far reaching and long lasting effects in helping the world to mature to a more peaceable, tolerant and just place.

Founded in 2011, the Institute is a non-profit organization, incorporated in California under state and federal non-profit laws.  We are fully tax exempt, under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and under section 23701d of the California tax code (for more information see Contribute to our work).